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FUNK Race Banner - Satin Black


Race banners are cut from wrap material vinyl, not the normal vinyl material. Which makes the install much easier on yourself as long as you know and keep a few things in mind. Vinyl is rated for a 5 year outdoor life expectancy as well.

- Do not install on a hot surface. Please allow the windshield to cool down before attempting to install. Wind can be a factor too so we suggest an enclosed area.
- Make sure windshield is clean but dry before install. Since we use outdoor wrap vinyl, it doesn't work well with a wet surface.
- The vinyl is air release, which means no bubbles. Once you've placed the sticker in the center of your windshield, you should be able to easily squeegee the bubbles out.
- Remove masking paper over the FUNK logo last!

Banners come in a universal size of 55" x 10.5". Will need to be trimmed down to fit your windshield. You'll notice the masking paper over top of only the FUNK logo - do not remove this until after you have placed the banners and squeegeed out all the bubbles. This holds the lines within the logo in place and if you remove it off bat, the logo will have squiggly lines upon install.

If you've never installed a banner before, please seek out a professional. We are not responsible for improper installs.

Don't know if the sizing will fit, please shoot us an email. We have run across some cars requiring taller banners because of the windshield design.